Hi! I’m Krista. My personal mantra short and sweet. It’s a series of f-words (don’t worry, good ones) that I like to use to describe myself, my interests, and what’s important to me.

Faith. Family. Farm. Food. Fitness.

I’ve lived in Rural Illinois my entire life. Rur…. what? You know, the part of Illinois that isn’t Chicago. Or one of those other few (much smaller than Chicago) cities in the state. One thing I’ve learned traveling. Once you get too far from the Midwest and say you’re from Illinois, you get a blank stare. And then you say “Chicago?” And everyone knows Chicago. But I really dislike doing that. Nothing against the Windy City, it’s a great place. But it’s not representative of the small towns and open space between that fill the countryside of Rural Illinois.

We may have a little less glamour and a lot less drama than the real housewives on TV, but Rural Illinois is full of “real housewives” too. I’m a farmer’s daughter, a farmer’s wife, and a farm mom (to three beautiful little farm girls) so I want to focus on the “housewives” in Rural Illinois who are involved in agriculture.

Please take a moment to look at the header image. The women of Rural Illinois do not fit a single stereotype. Some of us are farmers, driving the tractor that plants the seeds or loads manure, feeding the cattle, or marketing the soybeans. Some of us have other jobs related to agriculture. Like researching crop yields so we can produce more food with fewer resources, growing the seed we plant the following year, making our equipment tech savvy, or ensuring the food on the grocery shelf is safe and healthy. Some of us have other jobs not related to agriculture, but share a passion for the farm. Some of us are moms, some of us are not. Some of us wear jeans, t-shirts and work boots every day. Some of us wear business suits and heels. Some of us drive a tractor and build fence. Some of us work a day job in the city and know how to operate a  computer with the best. Some of us teach others in the classroom.

All of us want to teach others about agriculture.

We want you to know we are real people, juggling the challenges of our families, our jobs, and our other responsibilities. We struggle to make decisions that impact the health and safety of our families, like where we go, who we can trust, and what we should eat.

I created this blog to showcase what country life in Illinois is like. And the great things the Real Housewives of Rural Illinois are doing for their families, their communities, and our food supply.

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