Taking the Time…

Every day seems to be the same for me– wake up, 10 minutes to get ready (as long as no one else wakes up early!), 4 kids ready for breakfast, the little one needs a diaper change, lunches made for school and work, tackle the never-ending laundry and dish mountains, animal chores, someone needs a snack (but you just ate breakfast!) big kids out the door for school (they almost miss the bus because all we can find is 4 right-handed mittens) and the circus continues. This last year after the birth of my 4th child (pictured above his first time meeting our baby pigs), I have really struggled to slow down to enjoy the simple moments with each of my kids because someone ALWAYS needs something! My husband and I like to joke that 2019 was a “survival” year for us with all the terrible weather causing struggles with the crops and the addition of our dear little boy. It’s been fun, but let’s be real, we’re done having kids!

Moving on, Doug and I recently decided we need to get out of our “survival” mindset, and take more time to teach our kids the simple things in life. Doug is making an effort to get our older kids more consistently involved with pig chores. I’ve always been one that enjoys accomplishing things, so at times I struggle to slow down to explain things to the kids while trying to accomplish tasks. My just-turned three year old loves to ask open ended questions like “Why can’t we live outside?” and “Why do I have to wear clothes?” As adults, we can easily take for granted our knowledge of the simple things around us such as how to address and mail a letter, cooking a meal, caring for a pet, emptying the trash, or doing laundry.  I can and will continue to try to slow back down for them, and just enjoy the scenery around me in this crazy season of life.

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