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The Soybean Field Conundrum

One of our favorite Sunday afternoon family activities is riding our Ranger (an All Terrain Vehicle) around the farm. Our little trio of farmgirls love, love, love riding the Ranger, just the sight of it leads to so much squealing and jumping you might think you were listening to a full cheerleader squad at a… Continue reading The Soybean Field Conundrum

Family Farm, Farm Life, RHORI

Billboards, Flyers, and Field Signs

Last week, Apple was in the news announcing the launch of an official account on Instagram. The company will use the social media platform to solicit photos and videos with the hashtag #ShotoniPhone. The “Shot on iPhone” campaign is not only popular online, but also appears on TV and billboards all over the world. The… Continue reading Billboards, Flyers, and Field Signs

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Seeing Dusty Crophopper

"Look Mommy! Look Daddy! That's 'Dusty Crophopper!'" We heard excited squeals from the girl crew in the backseat as they spotted one of their favorite movie stars in the sky. Like the Planes character, these flyers are fascinating to watch. Just look at the pictures I took. How can you not be impressed? Swooping down… Continue reading Seeing Dusty Crophopper