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You Might Be A Farmgirl Princess If…

Our girls refer to themselves as "Farmgirl Princesses," which I think is pretty cool mix of the widest range of things a little girl could aspire to be. Sometimes they even add in an extra thing, like "Farmgirl Ballerina Princess" or "Farmgirl Chef Princess." I think the word in the center might depend on the… Continue reading You Might Be A Farmgirl Princess If…

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Ag Career Panel

Our county Farm Bureau organization partners with the Farm Bureau organizations of several surrounding counties to provide a two day workshop for (non-agriculture) teachers at all of the schools in those counties. Several participants reported the highlight of their first day was visiting a local pig farm. Part of the morning session today was a… Continue reading Ag Career Panel

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Years of Flood and Years of Drought

My little sister (she's almost 7 years younger) got married Memorial Day weekend and I was the Matron of Honor. That role comes with several expectations, one of which is a wedding toast. Let's just say I've been to enough weddings to have heard every type of wedding toast there is. Really, the whole spectrum.… Continue reading Years of Flood and Years of Drought